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Vorpal The Hexapod


Regular price $149.00

Vorpal the Hexapod is our flagship product! It earned the coveted "Project We Love" badge on Kickstarter and sold hundreds of units there for over 200% funding. Since then we've sold hundreds more to schools, Makers, hobbyists and robotics clubs.

Available in several different kit forms as well as fully assembled and tested, there is no cooler educational robot on Earth.

Check out this short demo video:


  • Control Vorpal from the included Gamepad, able to execute 60 different motions and in Deluxe models can record and play back gamepad actions.
  • Fully supports the MIT drag-and-drop programming system to create your own custom motions, read sensors on the robot. Deluxe packages even allow new motions to be stored on the gamepad and called up using gamepad buttons of your choice!
  • All 3D models are open source: modify them and add your own hacks and extensions to your heart's content! All software is also open source.
  • Tons of fun activities are posted on the Vorpal Robotics Website.


  • Bare Bones Maker Kit:  This electronics kit is for Makers who have access to a 3D printer. Print the plastic parts yourself; we provide all the electronics. This is an economy kit and it does not include magnets for accessories, SD card reader, SD card, USB cord, or sensors.
  • Deluxe Maker Kit: Has everything in the Bare Bones Maker Kit plus HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Rangefinder sensor, light sensor, magnets and screws for game accessories, SD card reader, SD card, and USB cord for scratch programming.
  • Deluxe Complete Kit: Everything in the Deluxe Maker Kit plus all the 3D printed plastic parts for the hexapod robot, gamepad, and accessories like Joust, Capture the Flag, Fidget Spinner Challenge, and sensor housings.
  • Deluxe Assembled and Tested. If you're not into building kits, this is for you. The hexapod robot, gamepad, and all accessories are fully assembled and tested. Just add batteries and you're ready to go!

About Plastic Color and Special Order Colors

The kits that include plastic parts and the assembled hexapods come standard in red and blue plastic. You may special order green, purple, and yellow. You can order a special order color even though it's not in stock--we will make it to order. Allow one extra week for special order colors.


  • Batteries. The hexapod requires two 18650 LI-ON batteries and compatible smart charger. These are available from Amazon and other sources. There are bundles of two EBL 3000 mAh batteries plus charger on Amazon for only about $12 to $15 dollars. We recommend the "white top" EBL batteries, not the "yellow top" protected version. The gamepad takes any kind of standard 9v rectangular batter, either rechargeable or disposable work fine.


The plastic parts included in Complete kits are 3D printed. The 3D printing process naturally results in a textured, layered surface that is not smooth. There may be minor imperfections such as threads of plastic or small drips. These will not impact the usability of the product.