Robotics Grab Box! $100 Retail Value Electronics and Robotics Items


Sale price $24.95 Regular price $100.00

NOTE: This item is no longer available. It may come back if we do spring cleaning and have more items to clear.

It's spring cleaning time here at Vorpal Robotics! Hurry, when these boxes are gone, they're gone.

This big box of parts is guaranteed to have electronics and robotics parts with a retail value of at least $100, which is four times what we're charging. Every box includes at least the following items:

  • Six or more servos (could be standard size, mini or 360 degree). (NOTE: Orders shipping outside the USA will only get mini servos due to weight considerations. This keeps the shipping reasonable).
  • One Arduino processor (could be Nano, Uno, or a specialty Arduino processor like ESP01 or ESP8266)
  • At least ten Arduino compatible sensors
  • A bag of jumper wires, cables, and connectors that are generally useful for Arduino projects. Over 100 in each grab box.
  • Forty or more pieces of aluminum extrusion C-channel with holes punched every inch (M3 or #16-32 screws fit well), perfect for small robotics and other projects. Various sizes from 2 to 10 inches with at least 4 of each size you get (you won't get every possible size, just a selection). Some will be anodized blue or orange but most of what we have left is natural aluminum color.
  • Several display items like LEDs, serial displays, LED matrixes, speakers, buzzers, etc.

The bag may also include additional items beyond the above, such as buttons, switches, battery holders, voltage regulators, USB serial modules, small gearmotors, stepper motors, robot wheels, etc.

Almost everything in your bag will be new and unused, but we reserve the right to have about 10% of your bag contain gently used, functioning items from our prototyping lab. Where possible we will tag the items so you can look up the specs online, unless it's totally obvious what it is (like a servo, but we'll mark the 360 degree servos for you). This bag is for experimenters who are used to looking up specs online for their mad scientist projects!

Again, don't wait. Our grab bags move fast and once our workshop is clean, they're gone!