Vorpal Brand MG90 Micro Servo (Made by Tower Pro)

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We worked directly with Tower Pro to create the Vorpal MG90 servo. You get genuine Tower Pro quality in a servo optimized for our robotics projects. We also test every servo ourselves and reject defective servos (about 2%), so what you're getting is higher quality than even what comes from the Tower Pro factory.

These servos really make Vorpal the Hexapod shine. They have high quality metal gears, they're analog so don't exhibit the "hunting" behavior you can get with digital servos in robotics projects, and you get terrific performance that's easy on your batteries. In our tests battery life goes up by about 50% from 70 to 110 minutes as compared to the cheap knock-offs you get from other websites. (Measured using "demo mode" and EBL "white top" 3000 mAh LION batteries. Your results may vary).

You get the best of all worlds: higher performance, long service life, trouble free operation, and longer battery life all at a very affordable price point.


  • Weight: 13.4g
  • Dimension: 22.8×12.2×28.5mm
  • Stall torque: 1.8kg/cm (4.8V); 2.2kg/cm (6.6V)
  • Type: Analog
  • Max angle: 180 degrees
  • Operating speed: 0.10sec/60degree (4.8V); 0.08sec/60degree (6.0V)
  • Operating voltage: 4.8V~ 6.6V
  • Servo wire length: 25 cm
  • Comes with a variety of servo horns

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