Hexapod Grip Arm Kit

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This is an add-on for the popular Vorpal The Hexapod project. It adds an arm and claw that can be attached to the accessory port and controlled via the gamepad.


  • The arm can raise and lower, bringing the claw all the way down to within a few centimeters (an inch) of floor level or all the way up near the top of the robot's cap.
  • The claw can grip objects up to about five centimeters (two inches) in diameter.
  • The arm/claw can lift about 120 grams of weight comfortably (about four ounces).

Kit Types:

There are three different kit types to choose from:

  •  Maker Kit: Includes servo motors, servo extensions, nylon spacers (used as bearings, and screws. Everything you need other than the 3D printed plastic parts. The 3d parts are open source, free downloads. Just search for Vorpal Grip Arm on Thingiverse.
  • Complete Kit: Everything in the Maker Kit but also includes all the 3d printed parts in blue ABS plastic. NOTE: if you want a different color, use the notes section of the order form during checkout. Other available colors are Green, Red, and Yellow.
  • Assembled and Tested: Everything in the complete kit but it's all put together for you and tested, in Blue ABS plastic. (If you want Red, Green or Yellow then make a note in the notes area during checkout). You will need to attach it to the robot's accessory port, plug the servo wires into the servo driver, and flash a new version of the robot code to make it work with the gamepad. This entire process really only takes about 10 minutes.

What's In The Box:

Maker Kit:

  • 1 x Vorpal MG90 metal gear mini servo for the arm
  • 2 x Tower Pro SG90 plastic gear servo, one for the claw and one spare
  • 2 x servo extension wires, labelled for easy install
  • 4 x nylon spacers (used as bearings in the arm structure)
  • screws and washers as needed to assemble the project

Complete Kit:

All of the above plus all 3d printed plastic parts.


All of the above but the grip arm is fully assembled and tested by our technicians. You do need to attach it to the accessory port, plug the servo wires into the servo driver, and flash a software update onto the robot to make it work with the gamepad and Scratch.

What's Not In The Box:

Vorpal the Hexapod!  We assume you've already got a Vorpal Hexapod or you're ordering it separately.

For More Information:

Complete instructions, STL downloads, etc. are on the Vorpal Wiki.

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