4-Pack Hexapod Battery/Charger Bundle (USA ONLY)

Regular price $119.95

This is a set of batteries and chargers for your Vorpal The Hexapod 4-pack school order, and it includes enought batteries and chargers for four hexapods. Included are:

  • Eight LI-ON 18650 batteries (for hexapods)
  • Four NIMH 9v batteries (for gamepads)
  • chargers for both kinds of battery, such that you can charge all the batteries for all four robots and gamepads at once.

This is provided as a convenience for school and other bulk orders, we will drop-ship this to you directly from Amazon.com. Shipping LI-ON batteries requires special permits so we cannot offer this to customers outside the USA.

We will adjust exactly what you get depending on quantity. For example, if you order two sets of this item we'll include a single 9v charger that can charge 8 or more batteries at once, whereas if you order one set of this item we'll include a charger that can handle 4 batteries. If this isn't what you need, just leave a comment in the comments area when you place your order.

(Orders for this item with shipping addresses outside the USA will be canceled.)