Arduino Pro Mini ATMEGA328 5V/16MHz (unsoldered)

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The Arduino Pro Mini has similar capabilities as the Arduino Nano but comes in a much smaller package (and a bit lower price) for those projects where space is at a premium. 

The Pro Mini has no USB port and must be programmed using an FTDI Serial adapter like the one we stock.

NOTE: the pins are provided but they are not soldered to the board. This allows you to save more space by only attaching the pins you need for the project. Use low temperature solder if possible. We recommend using flux on the contacts to minimize the amount of contact time. We also recommend attaching a 6 pin female header to the six pins on the short side opposite the reset button, this will make it far easier to program using the FTDI adapter. We provide the female header too (but it's not shown in the photo). For really tight projects, angle pins can save even more space.