MicroSD Card Reader with 64MB MicroSD Card

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This is an Arduino compatible MicroSD card reader and a 64 megabyte SD card. This is used in the Vorpal Hexapod Gamepad, but it's also perfect for many other purposes such as data logging. 


  • The MicroSD card reader uses the SPI feature that Arduino processors support. For most Arduino models (Nano, Uno, etc.) the SPI feature uses digital IO pins 10, 11, 12, and 13 and therefore means you can't use the LED on pin 13 for other purposes.
  • The MicroSD card is in MEGABYTES not GIGABYTES. This is a nice size for many data logging projects, but don't expect to store video or lots of megapixel size photos on this card!
  • The MicroSD card is confirmed to be compatible with Arduino. Some SD cards you find in other places are not compatible with the Arduino SD card library code! The MicroSD card is already formatted for Arduino compatibility and will also work with Mac and Windows SD card readers.