Color Flashing/Fading LED Kit

Light Up Your 3D Projects!

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Add a splash of color to your 3D printed project!  This LED allows you to quickly add beautiful randomly changing full color LED lighting to your projects.  Make that T-Rex skull shine! Light up your latest 3D printed vase! Make a Christmas ornament that's literally LIT.

Available as a kit with all the parts you need to make a compact rainbow light display that can easily fit in many projects, a kit to power the LED from a 5V power source (light up Vorpal the Hexapod for the holidays!), or just the LEDs themselves in a 10 pack if you want to design your own circuit.

Tech Info

  • Size: T3 (3mm diameter LED)
  • Forward voltage: 3 to 3.2V
  • Max current: 20 mA
  • Color changes: Flashes/fades, some fast and some slow, red, green, blue and blended colors like purple and orange. The random color changing circuitry is built right into the LED, no need for any external circuitry other than a current limiting resistor.

Vorpal Wiki Documentation Including Circuit Diagram


We offer these LEDs in three package variations:

  • 10-Pack RGB Blinking LEDs: Just a 10 pack of the LEDs, you roll your own project.You may need a current limiting resistor depending on your application.
  • Button Cell Random RGB LED Kit: (Requires soldering.) Perfect for tight spaces, this kit includes a CR2032 button cell battery, a holder for the battery, a 47 ohm current limiting resistor, and two flashing RGB LEDs. You should get over 80 hours runtime on one standard CR2032 button cell. (The cell is not rechargeable but they're cheap and commonly available).
  • 5V Jumper Circuit Assembled: Deck the Pod! Fully built and tested, just plug this circuit's two female Dupont connectors into an unused servo controller port to provide 5V power and make your Vorpal Hexapod shine for the holidays! Has the right sized resistor for 5V built right in. Also great for other projects running at +5V.

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