7 RGB LED Ring For Arduino

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This ring of 7 RGB LEDs (WS2812 type addressable LEDs) can be used out of the box for Arduino projects with no soldering. The video below shows the ring connected to an Arduino Nano on a Funduino IO board, running a demo program from the FASTLED Arduino library.

It already has a 15cm three wire F cable attached to make it easy to plug into Arduino IO shields. You can also purchase the variation with the signal wire split off from VIN and GND so you could use our simple power distribution harness and connect signal directly to an Arduino IO pin. And we also offer it with no cable connected if you don't mind soldering it yourself. The Arduino FASTLED library can be used to easily make this generate millions of different colors, with each individual LED a different color if desired.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This LED Ring is not currently integrated with the Vorpal Hexapod code. While we do plan on integrating in the near future, for now this is provided purely for other projects you might want to pursue.

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