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(In the photos smaller robots are shown only for comparison purposes. Smaller robots not included in Gigapod kits. This is an advanced project, for easier to build and less expensive alternatives, see our original Vorpal The Hexapod Kit and Max the Megapod Kit).

Four times the volume of our Megapod (and 32 times the volume of our original Hexapod), Gidget the Gigapod makes a real statement. Fantastic to grab attention at public demonstrations, drum up business for Makerspaces and Hackerspaces, or just to build a 3D printed project that is sure to impress anyone.

Gidget the Gigapod can be printed on a build area of 11 inches cube (about 275 mm cube).  It requires about 6 kilograms of plastic (PLA, ABS, or PETG all work). But this is not a project for the faint of heart, expect to have to run many print jobs for a total of about 200 hours of printing.

(Looking for something smaller, easier to build, and less expensive? Check out our awesome Vorpal The Hexapod Kit, built by thousands of people worldwide! Or, our  Max the Megapod Kit which only requires about 60 hours of printing.)


All the same dance moves, walking gaits, and other modes of Vorpal the Hexapod are available for the Gigapod, along with record/play functions, etc.

Our new V3 hexapod software supports all three robots with just a single line of code change (HEXSIZE in the robot code: 0 for hexapod, 1 for megapod, 2 for gigapod). Your kit will come pre-installed with the correct code of course.


 KIT TYPE Electronics & Fasteners for Gigapod & Gamepad 3D Printed Parts Minimum 3D Printer Build Area To Make Parts Assembled


  • Gigapod Maker Kit: Has all the electronics and hardware items you need for both gamepad and Gigapod robot. You make the 3D printed parts. Requires a 3D printer with a build volume of 200mm cube or more and about 6 kg of plastic filament.

We do not offer Gigapod plastic parts at this time. This project is for makers who have a 3D printer with a large enough build area to print the gigapod parts.

NOTE: Batteries are not included, see below for battery information.

NOTE: Gigapod Maker kits are made to order so allow 2 weeks before shipping. 

NOTE: Be prepared for a long print.  (See the end of this page for link to STL files). On our printers the Gigapod requires approximately 200 hours of print time (broken up into about a dozen different print runs over a period of a week or more). This is not a beginner level project, and not a project if you don't have a reliable printer and know very well how to use it! For easier projects that print in a tiny fraction of the time, see our hexapod and megapod kits.


The Gigapod supports all the same features as our best-selling Vorpal The Hexapod:

  • Control from the included Gamepad, able to execute 120 different motions and can record and play back gamepad actions.
  • All 3D models are open source: modify them and add your own hacks and extensions to your heart's content! All software is also open source.
  • Tons of fun activities are posted on the Vorpal Robotics Website.


  • Gigapod Battery Pack/Charger. The Gigapod uses a 4200 mAH (or more) 7-cell NIMH battery (8.4 Volts) with male XT60 connector and compatible charger. You can expect the Gigapod robot's battery and charger total combined cost to be approximately $60 to $100. The Gigapod also requires one 9v battery, we recommend NIMH or LI-ON rechargeable with compatible charger. The battery we typically use in demonstrations is this one: BatterySpace 42000 mAH 8.4 V NIMH with the 14 gauge wire option, and we solder on an XT60 male connector in-house. You will get about 30 minutes of run time.
  • Gamepad Battery/Charger. The gamepad takes any kind of standard 9v rectangular batter, either rechargeable or disposable work fine. These are commonly available from many sources. We recommend rechargeable NIMH or LI-ON 9v batteries.


  • The Gigapod is not a toy. The motors included in this kit are capable of causing severe pinch injuries or even snapping finger bones. Keep fingers clear of legs during operation.
  • Do not allow children to operate the Gigapod unsupervised.
  • Operating the Gigapod on wooden floors may scratch the floor.



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