Vorpal Unregulated Electrical System

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This is the electrical system used in the Vorpal Hexapod Gamepad, but it can be used for many projects that need an ON/OFF switch and modest power requirements. It includes a 9v battery clip and a high quality on/off switch marked "1" for ON and "0" for OFF. The switch is rectangular with a body size of 9mm x 13mm and we recommend a hole sized 10mm x 14mm for mounting). Two Female Dupont connectors can deliver positive and negative terminal voltage to an Arduino Nano or other small processor that can do its own voltage regulation, or to circuits that can be driven from a nominal 9v voltage, such as LED lights with proper current limiting resistor. This is completely assembled, no soldering is necessary.

NOTE: There is no voltage regulator or BEC on this circuit, so it cannot drive servos or other electronics that need more power than the Nano or other processor can directly provide through output pins.