Vorpal Regulated Electrical System

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This is a battery holder/switch/BEC combination circuit pre-wired. No soldering necessary. It's great for many small robotic and other electrical projects that require up to 3 amps of current. There are two battery holder options. This item ncludes:

  • High quality rectangular on/off switch marked "1" for ON and "0" for off. The switch fits well in a hole sized 10mm by 14mm (the switch body itself is 9mm by 13mm)
  • 3A 5V BEC which provides regulated 5V power suitable for up to 15 mini servos under reasonable load, or up to 3 or 4 standard size servos or small motors.
  • Separate female Dupont jumpers provide access to unregulated battery voltage. This could be used for a voltmeter output, or to power a 5V Arduino with onboard regulator capable of accepting 7 to 10 volts.
  • Your choice of battery holders: 2x18650 or no battery holder at all but rather a male JST connector, allowing you to swap battery packs or swap battery holder choices with matching female JST connectors. (On female JST is included in case you are soldering your own battery pack).
  • Reverse polarity protected using a 1N5400 3 Amp diode. This prevents backwards battery insertion from damaging electronic components.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We provide different battery options for your projects, but that doesn't mean every option will work for every project.

For example, Vorpal The Hexapod needs either 2x18650 or 6xAA batteries, and must use rechargeable batteries (disposable batteries in these sizes cannot output enough current).  Although we have run Vorpal on AAA NIMH rechargeable batteries, it's not a great option because you can only run the robot for about 10 minutes. By contrast you can expect about 30 minutes from 6xAA batteries and about 110 to 120 minutes on 2x18650.

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