Three Output Power Distribution Harness


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This provides three-to-one branching cables, one for +V and one for GND connections, color coded red and black. It allows you to distribute power to several Arduino devices without using an IO shield. For small projects this can make it more compact.

Each set includes a red and a black three-to-one branching harness with female Dupont connectors on the three output ends. There are variations with both female and male connectors for the input end.

For example, you could power an Arduino Nano using a 9V battery connected to VIN and GND, then connect the red harness to +5V and the black harness to the other GND on the Arduino to provide regulated +5V to three small devices. (Be aware that the onboard regulator on a typical Nano can only provide about 150 mA, so you can't power motors this way, just some low power devices like some kinds of sensor, a Bluetooth module, SD card reader, etc.)

As another example, you could use the variation with male input connector to distribute power from one of our BEC regulators to several devices that require 5V regulated power.