Megapod Regulated Electrical System

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This is a battery holder/switch/BEC/servo power distribution combination circuit pre-wired. No soldering necessary.

This is the same electrical system used in our Max The Megapod project. It features:

  • Dual voltage circuit controlled by a single high quality DPST switch.
  • 9v circuit for powering logic elements includes a 3A5V BEC to condition power and a 9v battery clip.
  • 6v circuit for powering servos and motors includes a Tamiya connector and distribution of power to up to 14 servos.
  • The 6v circuit is protected by a 15 amp fuse.
  • Wires are long enough for most mid-sized robot projects.
  • Every input and output wire is carefully labeled.
  • We run every system through a series of continuity and labeling checks.
  • Lead-free solder used on all components.

It would take you at least a couple of hours to build this circuit yourself.