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Vorpal Regulated Electrical System

Regular price $15.95

This is a battery holder/switch/BEC combination circuit pre-wired. No soldering necessary. It's great for many small robotic and other electrical projects that require up to 3 amps of current. There are several battery holder options. Includes:

  • High quality rectangular on/off switch marked "1" for ON and "0" for off. The switch fits well in a hole sized 10mm by 14mm (the switch body itself is 9mm by 13mm)
  • 3A 5V BEC which provides regulated 5V power suitable for up to 15 mini servos under reasonable load, or up to 3 or 4 standard size servos or small motors.
  • Separate female Dupont jumpers provide access to unregulated battery voltage. This could be used for a voltmeter output, or to power a 5V Arduino with onboard regulator capable of accepting 7 to 10 volts.
  • Your choice of battery holders: 2x18650, 6xAA, 6xAAA, or no battery holder at all but rather a male JST connector, allowing you to swap battery packs or swap battery holder choices with matching female JST connectors.