Crush Covid! Bracelet with integrated antimicrobial sprayer

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NOTE: 25% of the proceeds of the Crush Covid! Bracelet are donated to health care relief charities that are helping out with the Covid-19 crisis, so purchasing this product helps fight the pandemic both for you personally as well as helping others.

This 3D printed bracelet encourages a fighting spirit against the Covid-19 pandemic and at the same time provides a convenient way to sterilize your hands (or small objects) when you're out shopping for food or medicine. Its adjustable strap will fit anyone with a wrist circumference between 5.75 and 8.5 inches, which is 95% of all adults and most teens as well.

Available slogans in raised lettering on the bracelet are:

  • CRUSH COVID!  -- Demonstrates your commitment to stopping the spread of the virus.
  • TAKE CARE  -- Signifies that we all have to take care of each other, ourselves, our parents and grandparents.
  • NEAT FREAK  -- A lighter tone, why not give a sanitizing bracelet to the neat freak in your life?
  • Custom phrase -- You can choose your own phrase. It works best if 12 characters or fewer but we'll accept up to 14 characters. When placing your order, please use the NOTE feature to tell us what you'd like your bracelet to say. Uppercase letters work best but we'll allow mixed case if you like. Allow 5 extra business days for custom orders. NOTICE: We reserve the right to refuse custom phrases that in our sole opinion is racist, sexist, or hateful against any group, or otherwise would reflect poorly on Vorpal Robotics.

The bracelet contains an integrated 3 milliliter spray bottle which can dispense approximately 50 misty sprays of hand sanitizer or 70% alcohol. Instead of having to fumble through your pockets or purse to find a bottle or tube of sanitizer, your Crush Covid Bracelet can instantly spray antimicrobial solutions whenever needed. You can conveniently disinfect your hands anytime, anywhere in just a few seconds.

The plastics are translucent and have a shimmering appearance that complements the 3d printed layered texture.

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Typical Uses

Some examples of use:

  • Sanitize your hands after opening a restroom door
  • Spray directly on hard surfaces like shopping cart or shopping basket handles before even touching them.
  • Spray your hands after bringing in mail or packages

The convenience of having a sprayer right on your wrist means you'll use it far more often, and that means an increased level of protection to help reduce the spread of this disease.

This product is 3d printed in the USA using soft, pliable TPU plastic.


  • 3d Printed TPU Crush Covid! Bracelet
  • 3 milliliter misting sprayer bottle with cap (enough for about 50 squirts)
  • Pipette for filling the sprayer


This product DOES NOT include hand sanitizer. You can use any commercial sanitizer (liquids work better with the sprayer than gels), or you can use 70% or higher concentration of isopropyl or ethanol alcohol. For more information (including links to DIY sanitizers that follow WHO recommendations) see our Crush Covid Bracelet Wiki Page.


The wristband is a 3d printed, open source product designed by Vorpal Robotics, LLC. 3D Printing avoids waste by allowing us to manufacture them on demand right here in the USA. However, you will see layer lines that are a natural result of this manufacturing process (to us they look cool and catch the light in interesting ways) and there may be tiny imperfections that do not affect use of the product.


This is a really simple product to use, see the videos below. Additional information is on our Crush Covid Bracelet Wiki Page.

How to Put on the Bracelet

How to Fill The Sprayer

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