Vorpal The Eyes of March Contest


Previously posted rules

Vorpal Robotics is running a contest! "The Eyes of March" asks you to design a 3D model for a new set of eyes for Vorpal The Hexapod.

Below are complete rules. Keep your Eyes on the Prize!

Existing Eyes

Currently we have two sets of eyes that ship with our kits.

Suspicious eyes:

And Lashes Eyes:

The source models for these are posted publicly in OnShape.com, just search for "Vorpal Hexapod" and look in the Accessories tab. There are also some other eye designs in there that we don't ship but are available for printing (standard eyes and valentine's eyes).

STL files for the shipped eyes are posted on Thingiverse.com, just search there for Vorpal Eyes.

You can use these to get ideas for approximate sizes that will work, and to provide for a magnetic attachment (we use 10mm diameter round magnets).


Prizes for this contest are:

  • FIRST PRIZE: (One awarded) A $100 Vorpal Store Credit Reward will be credited to the winner's account. The winner must have an account at the Vorpal Robotics Store to receive the credit.
  • SECOND PRIZE: (One awarded) A $50 Vorpal Store Credit Reward.
  • THIRD PRIZE: (One awareded) A $25 Vorpal Store Credit Reward.


    To be eligible for this contest, an entrant must:

    • Be 18 years or older.
    • Must not be an employee or immediate family member of any Vorpal Robotics, LLC employee, contractor, or supplier.
    • Must not live in a state or jurisdiction in which this type of contest is prohibited by law.
    • Must submit their entry by Midnight Eastern USA time on March 31, 2018.
    • Entries must be via email and sent to eyes@vorpalrobotics.com
    • The entry email must include the name of the person who created the entry, a URL pointing to a public repository such as Thingiverse.com where the STL model of the eyes are posted, and must have a valid return email address.
    • The STL models must be published under a license that is no more restrictive than the Vorpal The Hexapod 3D model license (Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike).

    Model Requirements

    The STL model submitted must meet these requirements:

    • It should be printable with an FDM style printer (i.e. a standard plastic filament printer). We don't want the model to require an exotic printer!
    • It should be printable on a printer that can print Vorpal The Hexapod, i.e. the build area required should be no more than about 6 inches square (150mm square) and no more than a few inches tall (about 75mm tall).
    • The model must include one or more eyes, but it may also optionally include other facial features such as eyebrows, mouth, nose, mustache, etc., or other accessories (e.g. a bow tie), fantasy or animal features (e.g. horns). We don't want to restrict your creativity!  It should generally focus on the eyes/face but there can be other elements. Make it cool!
    • There must be a way to attach the new eyes to the robot using either a magnet or the accessory port screws.
      • For the magnet, you need a cavity for insertion of a 10mm diameter round magnet so it will be compatible with Vorpal The Hexapod's magnetic attachment system. We recommend a round hole 10.5mm diameter and 3mm deep.
      • Alternatively, the eyes could use the accessory port screws for attachment rather than a magnet, see the models posted on OnShape.com for proper spacing and dimensions of the screw holes. A good example is the ultrasonic rangefinder bracket in the sensors tab.
    • It should be of a size that is reasonably compatible with Vorpal The Hexapod. You may want to print the CAP part posted free on Thingiverse to check sizing.
    • It's just fine for the model to require painting or coloring with markers to complete the look you're going for. Even our shipped eyes look a lot better if marked! If you require that, it would be helpful if you included a photo of the finished product, or a rendering that's hand colored if you don't have a 3D printer.
    • We would prefer models that are entirely 3D printed (other than the magnet and coloring or some gluing). In other words, we're not looking for fancy electronic eyes that glow and require power and sourcing electronic parts, or eyes that require us to purchase a set of designer glasses frames to complete. We want to focus on the 3D design aspects. You may use the ultrasonic rangefinder or other parts that come with the Deluxe Kit in your design, just not extra electronic items other than 3D printed parts.


    • See our source models on OnShape.com (search for "Vorpal The Hexapod" there to find the public project and copy it if desired). This will give you exact sizes of our three existing eye designs.
    • Be creative! Make it happy, sad, or just plain silly. Cat eyes? Lizard eyes? Use your imagination!
    • We would prefer designs that are reasonably easy to print (not requiring tons of supports, etc.) and require little or no post processing (for example, having to glue one or two parts on is ok but gluing lots of parts together would be annoying). However if your design is special enough we would overlook some modest complexity in printing and post processing.
    • No purchase is necessary, and you don't even need a 3D printer. You do not need to even do a test print of your eyes, just create a 3D model using any tools you prefer. Many free ones are available such as OnShape.com, Tinkercad.com, Fusion 360, and more. They can all produce STL files.


      Notification of prizes will only be via email, the same email address that you submit the entry.  When we notify an entrant, we must hear back from them within 1 week in order for them to claim their prize, after that we will move down to the next winner in line.


      We reserve the right to modify, amend, or correct these rules at any time, and such modifications will be posted to this page.

      Legal Stuff

      This promotion is void where prohibited by law. No purchase is necessary, you don't need a Vorpal The Hexapod kit to do this! All the 3D models are posted publicly.