Vorpal Robotics Prize Drawings

Vorpal Robotics has two prize drawings:

  • Monthly Opt-in Drawing is a prize drawing for all customers who are opted-in to receive at least some emails from us.
  • Monthly Review Drawing is a prize drawing for customers who have submitted reviews to the Vorpal Robotics Store website.

NOTE: The Monthly Review Drawing will be discontinued after April 30, 2018. Reviews in April will qualify for the April drawing, and that will be the last drawing.


Prizes for the Monthly Opt-in Drawing are:

  • FIRST PRIZE: (One awarded) A $100 Vorpal Store Credit Reward will be credited to the winner's account. The winner must have an account at the Vorpal Robotics Store to receive the credit.
  • SECOND PRIZE: (Five awarded) There will be five (5) second prizes of a $10 Vorpal Store Credit Reward.
  • ADDITIONAL PRIZES: (Ten awarded) There will be ten (10) additional prizes which will consist of one-time coupons for 20% off store purchases. The coupons will have a 1 year time limit.

Prizes for the Monthly Review Drawing are:

  • FIRST PRIZE: (One awarded) $50 Vorpal Store Credit Reward.
  • SECOND PRIZE: (Three awarded)  $5 Vorpal Store Credit Reward.
  • THIRD PRIZE: (Five awarded)  20% off coupons, the coupons are good for any store purchase. Coupons have a 1 year time limit.


To be eligible for the Monthly Opt-in Drawing, a person must:

  • Be opted-in to receive at least some level of email newsletters at the time of the drawing, which will generally be within the last 10 days of the month (which also corresponds to the date newsletters are sent out).
  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Must not be an employee or immediate family member of any Vorpal Robotics, LLC employee, contractor, or supplier.
  • Must not live in a state or jurisdiction in which prize drawings are prohibited by law.

To be eligible for the Monthly Review Drawing, a person must:

  • Meet all of the above requirements for the opt-in drawing
  • Must have created at least one review on our website since the prior drawing. The review does not have to be positive, however we require that it be constructive and respectful even if it is a negative review. We reserve the right to reject reviews that contain inappropriate language or a hateful tone. Keep it professional and informative.
  • The first Monthly Review Drawing will be January 30, 2018 and will include all reviews posted before that date. After that Review Drawings will take place on a monthly basis.
  • Creating more than one review in a month does not increase your chances of winning.
  • No purchase necessary, you may review products that you did not purchase from our website.


Notification of prizes will only be via email, the same email address that you opted-in for email newsletters. For Store Credit Reward prizes, if the recipient does not respond to the notification within 1 week, the prize will be forfeited. Therefore, you must be certain you are actually receiving emails and newsletters from us and they're not going into your SPAM folder.


We reserve the right to modify, amend, or correct these rules at any time, and such modifications will be posted to this page. A note in the newsletter will serve as notification of any changes. 

We reserve the right to entirely cancel this promotion at any time with 1 week notification.

Legal Stuff

This promotion is void where prohibited by law. No purchase is necessary.