From time to time, we offer our customers incentives that we call "Store Credit Rewards".

How do Store Credit Rewards Work?

When Store Credit Rewards are in effect a banner will appear at the top of every page indicating the rewards percentage. If that banner is showing, then every time you purchase, part of the purchase price is returned to you as a store credit to your account. This store credit is automatically applied at checkout time and can offset product prices. However, store credit rewards are not earned on shipping or taxes, and cannot be used to offset shipping or tax charges. Store Credit Rewards only apply to product purchase prices.

Store credit rewards are not redeemable in cash; they are only applied to product purchase prices in our store.

Store credit rewards do not apply to the purchase in which they are earned, they only apply to future purchases.

How Much Do I Get Back?

Normally, store credit rewards are set at 10%; however, we may from time to time offer special sales with increased reward percentages.

Give Me An Example!

Let's say a special sale is running and the rewards level is active and set to 10%.

You purchase $90 worth of items, with $11 in shipping and $7 in sales tax.

You will receive a $9 reward (10% of $90).  Notice that you do not earn rewards on the shipping charges and the sales tax charges, just on the product costs.

This $9 rewards value is now saved in your account. The next time you purchase something from our store, it automatically comes off the price of the products you buy. 

Let's say you come back a week later and buy something that costs $8, and there is $3 in shipping and taxes.  In this case, $8 of your $9 store credit rewards would be used to cover the entire cost of the $8 product, and you would still have $1 of store credit rewards remaining in your account for future purchases.

Also notice that since you had no new out-of-pocket costs on the product portion of new purchase, you didn't earn any new rewards.

You still have to pay the shipping and taxes, $3, because shipping and tax charges are not eligible to be covered by store credit rewards.

What If I Didn't Create An Account?

It is possible for you to check out as a guest on our store for your convenience. However, if you do that there is no account in which we can record your credit!

But it's ok, you can still get your credit! You can simply go back to our store, create an account, then send an email to Let us know the email address of your prior order, which should be the same as your account, and we will manually add your credit, usually in less than 24 hours.

How Long Do My Store Credit Rewards Last?

Store credit rewards remain in your account for 12 months. If not used within 12 months, the credits are lost.