Vorpal Gamepad Wiring Harness

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This is a wiring harness for a Vorpal Gamepad, the same gamepad used on all of our robot kits. It contains all the electrical connections pre-made via convenient headers which plug right in to the electronic components (Arduino Nano, SD Card Reader, HC05 Bluetooth module, 4x4 Button Matrix, and DPAD module). It includes a 9v battery connector and ON/OFF switch as well. So, it serves as a complete electrical and wiring system for the Vorpal Gamepad.

Each header is labeled to make it easy to plug in all the components. This cuts 20 minutes off the build as compared to wiring up each connection manually with individual jumper wires.

There are two versions:

WIRES ONLY. This is just the harness, 9v battery connector, switch, and labelled component connectors, it does not include the actual electronics modules such as the Nano, HC05, buttons, etc.

COMPLETE. This includes both the harness as well as the Arduino Nano (FTDI version), HC05 module, 4x4 Button Matrix, DPAD module, and SD card reader with a 128 MB SD card. It's all plugged together and tested at our factory, ready to go on power up! A second, paired, HC05 is also included. Just plug that one into your robotics or other project and the gamepad will connect automatically. The Arduino Nano is pre-programmed with the latest Vorpal Hexapod Gamepad code. We even throw in the four screws needed by our Gamepad 3D printed plastic body.

Using the COMPLETE version, all you have to do is 3D print the Vorpal Gamepad plastic parts and you can then assemble a completely working gamepad in literally 10 minutes.